If the coaching you have to offer works then doing the hard sell is quite frankly YEUCH. We’re all at different stages in our lives. Just because a client doesn’t buy from you now doesn’t mean they won’t buy later. 

Telling clients you won’t run that coaching again if you know you will is lying. Lies are a big no no in selling. If people don’t trust you, why the hell would they buy from you? If a client doesn’t purchase on your timescale that’s their goddamn right to do so.  Forget the hard sell.

We’re all busy juggling life, business, families the list goes on. They may not have the time or money now but could do it in a few months from now. If your coaching is great then now or six months later it will deliver the goods. 

Don’t push people into sales. Instead show the value each and every day and stay in communication with people. Big tip: keep a file of meaningful conversations that you have with potential clients. Stay in touch with them and keep the line of communication open. 

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