Who Am I? 

Background about me. I was born in the UK and now live in Gran Canaria. This is a beautiful Spanish island just off the coast of Africa. This island makes me so happy and I love spending time in nature with the beautiful palm trees, flowers and beaches. 

I’m a naturally outgoing person and I pride myself on letting my true personality out. My motto on life “let rip baby”. I refuse to fit myself into a box and do as I’m told. I have a loud laugh and you’ll probably hear me before you see me in real life. 

My interests are music, meeting new people, trying new things, wearing hippy clothes and soaking up Spanish culture. I go for what I want in life and if you hang around me long enough I’ll encourage you to do the same. 


Have been a secretary most of my life. I’m great at organising things and find it easy to juggle lots of things going on all at once. I get bored easy so having a lot to do excites me. 

Since moving to Gran Canarias I’ve been a PR getting people into restaurants. Since world conditions went crazy in 2020 like many people I had to look at how I could work differently. This started my love affair with social media. After having to promote restaurants on social media I wanted to take it further. 

What I’m Doing Now And I Can Help You

I help women with their social media, marketing and PR. I get the word out about your business. My phrase is “I bang the drum 🥁 so people know how to find you”. Social Media and marketing is the lifeblood of your business. It never stops and can feel like a beast. 

I’m that crazy Chica who loves marketing. I love making noise for you so you can get on with your business. I also love networking and connecting clients with people who will help you and could form magical collaborations.


Copywriting for social media, emails, sales pages and any events you are promoting

Promoting your business for you in Facebook groups so you don’t have to live in them and can concentrate on what you do best “working in your business”

Getting you guest speaker slots in Facebook groups, interviews on podcasts and blogs. 

Creating content for your social media, taking your community on a journey so that they not only learn about your business but they find out who YOU are. People want to do business with people not a faceless entity. 

I help raise your confidence so that you do become the face of your business through photos and video. 

More importantly if you work with me we have FUN. Bland marketing doesn’t get clients. We’re all unique and I bring out your personality in your marketing. If you’re bored creating your marketing so are potential clients and that’s harming your business. 

If any of this is speaking to you and you know you need help getting seen and making sales click the link below and let’s chat. 

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