let’s make Some Noise

showing up

If I was to come across you online would I know instantly what you do?

Would I stop in my tracks and pay attention?

More importantly would your content make me want to reach out to you and start asking questions?

These three questions are vital for your marketing and PR. People go online in search of help and YOU have to believe in your business enough to SHOW UP.

visibility is a Requirement

Visibility is needed each and every day so that people are thinking about you when they go online.

Most customers will observe your work for weeks and months before reaching out to you.

Be aware that people are PAYING ATTENTION so talking to your community and asking them questions makes them feel part of your world.

People live on their phones and have access to your work at the touch of a button. I know you have big plans for your business.

Maybe you want to double your profits, have more time with your family etc.

How do you intend to make this happen?

Hard Truths

I’m not known for being subtle so time for some hard TRUTH.

Hit and miss marketing won’t get you where you want to be.

Your competition is showing up every day and you need to do the same.

This can feel overwhelming as marketing is a BEAST.

You may be thinking I just want to do what lights me up in my business.

I totally get that but your business won’t grow if people don’t know about you.

The reality is your business will get left behind without marketing it.

To market your business so it isn’t taking over your life let’s break this down.

4 Simple Steps

to get you on Your Way

To market your business so it isn’t taking over your life let’s break this down.

Be visible

The number one important thing you can do is SHOW UP for your community. People need to feel a connection to YOU before they decide to work with you. It helps people form a connection and know if they want to work with you.

This is more effective than just the written word. By asking them questions and helping them see you understand their problems AND can help them this is where the magic happens.

Be relatable

Express your true personality. This can feel hard at first we may feel like we have to show up online the way we did in a corporate job. WRONG people are attracted to people in so many ways. Similar interests, sense of humour and the list goes on. Shine bright with your personality this is just as important as what you have to offer clients.

Share your story

People connect through similar experiences. Let people into your world by letting them see that you’re a real person. Share your hobbies and interests.

People pay attention to things like this just as much as what your business can do for them. It also helps them feel that they’re not alone. We’ve all experienced this with your community.

Speak in Their language

I see so many coaches use words that their community don’t use. You’re familiar with this jargon but they aren’t and you will lose clients this way.

Make it simple and talk in a language that they use otherwise they will go to your competition who have explained it more clearly.

How I can Make this Easy for you

These small steps when done correctly will help you improve your marketing.

If you know you want to go bigger with your  marketing and PR then here’s what I have to offer.

I love working 1:1 with clients and creating a marketing plan here’s what’s on offer

  • Writing content that speaks to your ideal clients. This can be social media posts, blogs, newsletters, sales pages and emails
  • Getting you interviews on podcasts and magazines. If you have a podcast I can get you guests too.
  • Promote coaching, workshops, retreats, books and anything you want people to know about.
  • Creating a marketing plan that helps you find clients and show up in the right places to get them.
  • One call a month to track progress.

There are two ways we can do this

Six months £400/$490 per month

One year £4,800/$5,863 for the whole year