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How to get clients by being yourself 

We have it in our mind to constantly be looking for clients. I want you now to put yourself in your potential clients shoes. 

Let’s say they’re looking for a health coach there’s thousands of coaches they can work with. It’s your job to make their choice easy. How do you do this? 

Look at what you’re offering and ask yourself WHY do they need it? Thousands of health coaches can deliver the goods. Here’s where the MAGIC is: they are looking for someone they connect with. 

We all know the like and trust factor. So I want you now to write down what does your community know about YOU? Do they even know your personality? Do they know why you became a coach? Do they resonate with your story and how you show up online? If they don’t this is why you’re struggling to get clients. 

I help women build their confidence to show up as a voice of authority but also display their personality. I do it in a fun way and I’m quirky and edgy. I don’t want to fit in a box and neither do my clients. I encourage my clients to be themselves even when it feels scary. 

Working with a coach is a very personal thing. Your clients need to know that they feel a connection with you. So look at your current marketing, what does it tell me about YOU? Do I feel like I know and understand you from how you show up online? If you know this isn’t going on then this is actually stopping you from finding clients who want to work with you and get results. 

It’s your responsibility to show clients why you are the coach to work with them. It all boils down to you as a person, what you stand for, your personality, the coaching and how you present it. When YOU believe in what you do, how you do it and why you do it people sense this. 

This also leads nicely onto selling but you’ll have to come over to my Facebook group You Are Your Marketing to find out more. I provide value there daily. I help you create a story that potential clients click with and reach out to you knowing YOU are the coach they want to work with. 

If you feel like you have all this sorted out, still come on over. The more successful you become you can feel like you don’t have the time to do your marketing. Again I can help with that, freeing up more time for you to work on your business.